Strain Specific

Strain-Specific Cartridges

Vital’s Strain-Specific Cartridges are fill with the purest cannabis oil on the market since they are 100% extracted from the plant. Experience our different strains and get full of life!

100% Cannabis Oil. Period.

Vital’s Strain-Specific Cartridges prioritize the health of our patients, which is why our products are made from 100% Cannabis THC distillate and Terpenes under the strictest standards to provide a safe and healthy experience that maximizes therapeutic value.

Vital’s CO2 extraction methods are among the safest in the industry. CO2 is a naturally occurring compound that exists all around us.

Our formulation has never and will never use third-party additives and are certified by licensed laboratories.

Our products can only be purchased at licensed medical cannabis dispensaries across Puerto Rico.

What Makes Vital Unique?

Vital’s unique line of Strain-Specific CO2 Cartridges are made from 100% cannabis THC distillate and terpenes that provide patients with a more enhanced and complete therapeutic effect as the cannabinoids and terpenes work together to augment efficacy for an unparalleled experience for patients.

Our cartridges are comprised of Strain-Specific cannabis terpenes which allows for the targeted and customized treatment of various ailments, including chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, among others are efficiently treated with 100% cannabis terpenes.

Vital Cartridge

• Compatible with all 510 thread batteries

• 304 Stainless Steel wetted materials for
ultimate vaping safety

• Ultra premium Quartz glass tank

• Child resistant locked mouthpiece

• Flights defined by color-coded mouthpieces

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