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The Highest-Grade Cannabis

Our purpose is to manufacture the highest-grade medical cannabis products for a consistent experience to improve the quality of life. We have dedicated years to accomplish this dream and we are proud to share Vital with cannabis users like you.

Vital is something that you have to experience.

Strain Specific

Vital’s Strain-Specific Cartridges prioritize the health of our patients, which is why our products are made from 100% Cannabis THC distillate and Terpenes under the strictest standards to provide a safe and healthy experience that maximizes therapeutic value.


Full-Spectrum THC oils are the most common form of cannabis used for medical purposes. Full-Spectrum is made up of a combination of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA and THC.


Our formulation uses water as a base, which makes it less viscous, easier to dispense and better tasting than traditional oil-based products. Thanks to the nanotechnology, the product can be rapidly absorbed by the body and quickly metabolized so patients feel the benefits and effects faster.


Patients that love Vital

Image Testimonial
“Today in both my professional and personal circles, I can see that more and more people are beginning to see cannabis as a positive influence in their lives.”
Image Testimonial
“After learning a bit more I decided to give marijuana oil a test, after my son initially recommended it to me and brought me a sample to try, and I started putting it on my thumbs and eventually my entire hands. Needless to say, it stopped my hurting hands.”
Image Testimonial
Wellness Blogger
“I think it’s time to change our story around cannabis, what it represents, and most importantly: what it can offer.”

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Pure, Potent & Ultra Fine Cannabis Selections

Medical Cannabis offers many options to treat the patient’s medical needs. Vital has a wide variety of products with different methods according to their conditions.