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It wasn’t until I made my first proactive decision to use cannabis as medication that I truly understood its potential. I have two crooked discs in my lower lumbar and on occasion they pinch the nerves and it’s incredibly painful. I’ve seen a chiropractor, an acupuncturist and my primary care physician who has prescribed plenty of pain meds and muscle relaxers. While I’ve gotten some relief from these options I despise taking pills.

It was recently suggested that I try a 1:1 of RSO. It was a complete game changer for me. It’s every bit as effective as pain meds but without the negative side effects. By using RSO with an additional healthy dose of CBD, I’m clear enough to go about my day and can sit at my desk and work comfortably. Before using this method, I experimented with heating pads, pillows and of course pills, but nothing brought the relief I sought.

As Owner and Creative Director of square peg creative, this relief is crucial to my well-being, as I spend much of my work life creating. I’m a designer at heart and through hard work I’ve been able to turn my passion into a business I love. While my business has clients in several industries, my favorite businesses are my cannabis clients because they challenge me to elevate their brands and build in a new level of professionalism in an often-misunderstood marketplace. Ultimately by building awareness and elevating their brands, I help to contribute to the health and well-being of the patients they serve.

My positive experiences with cannabis has also allowed me to help others. Most recently, I was approached by the spouse of my very first client (from back in 2012) when I started my business square peg creative. Over the years we’ve become friends, so she knows of the work I’ve been doing in the cannabis industry. She reached out because she has painful arthritis, recently had surgery and is still experiencing pain. She was curious about cannabis and wanted to try it to see if she could get some relief.

Cannabis truly provides relief. How many people could find relief but aren’t given the opportunity? The answer is far too many.

Because of my background and wonderful clients, I was overjoyed to be able to refer her to my friends across the industry. From obtaining a medical marijuana card to becoming educated on the importance of testing and safety, to finding dispensaries that provide educational workshops and high quality medicinal options, my friend was given the roadmap to relief.

Cannabis truly provides relief. How many people could find relief but aren’t given the opportunity? The answer is far too many.

My mother passed away several years ago. She was a transplant patient and experienced several dreadful side effects from the drugs used to keep her transplant kidney “healthy”. I really wish I knew then what I know now because I could have helped her significantly improve the quality of her final years.

You never know the opportunity you have to change someone’s life for the better. Therefore, I share my story in hopes to inspire those who would otherwise never give cannabis a try.

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